Rehabilitation and therapy

We offer a range of services to help our patients rehabilitate from surgeries and injuries, as well as therapy options to ease pain and build strength. 

  • Hydrotherapy is great for weight loss and following surgery, as well as low impact exercise training for working dogs.
  • We find that laser therapy improves healing of wounds and surgical sites, and we also use it in the management of osteoarthritis.
  • We can offer physiotherapy following surgery and in the management of osteoarthritis.
  • We use acupuncture for pain management and, in lots of cases, osteoarthritis, kidney disease, muscular pain, behavioural issues and reducing stress induced diseases
  • We also offer canine massage – because who doesn’t like a good massage! We find that it can be great for muscular issues, as well as to help with relaxation for stressed or nervous pets.

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